Stay Rite Xtra Strong Inflatable recovery collar

Stay Right Inflatable Extra Strength Recovery Collars

Don't block the pet's vision so de-stresses animal immediately.

Are light blue in color, one of the colors that we know dogs can see, so they aren't freaked out because they can't see the collar.

Unique notches on the side of the collar hold the neckline in a circle so dogs can't wiggle out of the collar.

The Xtra strong material is easy to clean with a damp cloth or antiseptic spray, but hard for the dog to puncture with his teeth.

Ultra strong closing covers a large area, won't open accidentally.

Easy Flow Air Nozzel is protected by strong binding.

The collar has double welded seams and finished zipper edges.

Comes in 5 sizes from XSmall to XLarge.

Has 30% wider diameter which works well with long nosed breeds.

Safe, Soft, Comfortable & Easy For Dog to See

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